Saint Luke's System Office Conference Center

Our team helped transform an entire floor into a beautiful conferencing center to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between staff members and their partners.

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Kansas City, MO

Account Rep:
Christin Harwood
Interior Designer:
Cara Gutsch
Generator Studio
Ross Construction
Thompson Photography

Goal: We have had the privilege of working alongside Saint Luke’s for the past 25 years and were excited to help them convert and furnish one of their floors from a traditional cubical environment into a conferencing center. While there is no denying that COVID has brought hardships to organizations everywhere, and still is, it has also allowed them to look at work differently. Saint Luke’s is no exception. While many jobs are now being done remotely from home, Saint Luke’s was able to create an entire space dedicated to bringing its employees and partners together, both in person and virtually.

Scope: Like the rest of Saint Luke’s System Offices, this floor was originally designed to house several different departments and was made of up over 100 cubicles. The cubicles on this floor had been replaced within the last several years and were still in very good condition, compared to cubicles on some floors of the building. Saint Luke’s brought us in early on this project to help demo these cubicles to be redesigned and reconfigured on another floor. This ultimately allowed construction to begin on their new conference center. The conference center is made up of an array of different meeting environments, from a single-person phone booth to a 33-person executive board room and a large, open presentation space that can accommodate more than 70 individuals. The John A. Marshall Co. team worked closely with Saint Luke’s and Generator Studio to create a beautiful grouping of furnishings to complement the space and Saint Luke’s aesthetic.

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