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From elementary to university, we are elevating education for the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

MillerKnoll works closely with college and university leaders to use place as an asset that supports the institution's mission. Since the 1970s, their unique approach has led to knowledge and insights that keep us in tune with the needs of education leaders. The solutions we present consider today’s pedagogy and create learning spaces that accommodate change, innovation, and evolution.

Change is a constant on today's campus. It's occurring in classrooms, libraries, residence halls, and is the very nature of learning and teaching. As this change accelerates, campus spaces continue to play a key role in attracting and keeping students and projecting a school's spirit, culture, and image.

Thanks to new tools and technologies, learning happens everywhere, at any time of the day or week. For campuses to remain relevant, they need to offer something that cannot be found anywhere else—a sense of belonging to a community and an experience of learning enriched through meaningful connections among students, faculty, and administrators. At John A. Marshall Co., we help educational institutions create communities that draw students and faculty in and help them thrive.