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Flooring Services

When you partner with our FDC Contract flooring team, you're partnering with a promise.

Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with peace of mind on even the most complex projects. Our sales team has both design expertise and technical knowledge to ensure that you end up with the right products for your space. Products that stand the test of time and look good doing it. Our estimators review every project to ensure that product is specified properly down to the final cut. The install and service team have the experience, training, and professionalism to deliver on projects of all sizes.

Estimating and Pre-planning

FDC Contract uses the Callidus electronic estimating program. Our expert technologists and estimators work with our clients' blue prints to create a color-coded seam diagram. This ensures proper quantity, eliminates waste and keeps the project in budget and on-time. Nothing is ordered until every inch of the plan is approved.

Moisture Mitigation

Concrete floor slabs contain excess moisture that can damage many types of floor finishes. Unlike wood or other building materials with a consistent set of physical properties, concrete can have countless different properties from one batch to the next. There are numerous remedies to protect flooring from high moisture and alkalinity levels, but every case is unique. Our team follows the ASTM F2170 standard to get accurate readings about the moisture conditions deep inside of a concrete slab, by drilling and inserting probes to determine relative humidity levels. Only after the moisture levels reach an acceptable level will flooring be approved for installation, as this ensures that the sub-floor will not hinder the installation of the flooring products or degrade the adhesive that bonds the product to the floor.

Project Management

Extensive experience, resources and manpower make FDC Contract the leader in managing commercial flooring projects. Project management encompasses purchasing, tracking, warehousing, scheduling, and installing carpet without problems and on-time. FDC Contract has the expertise in our office to manage each project properly.


With 20,000 square feet of warehouse space, we can pre-order any commercial flooring product and store it until installation. You won’t see our clients’ product sitting in the back of a truck or exposed to the elements on a loading dock.

Delivery and Installation

Installation is the keystone of FDC Contract’s success in the commercial flooring industry. Our customers tell us again and again that our superior installation crews were a pivotal element to the on-time success of their projects. We pre-cut orders when necessary at our warehouse so we can spend our time on-site perfecting the installation process. In addition, we are a member of Fuse Alliance, which is a nationwide commercial flooring installation network. Through this network we can guarantee pricing and quality for customers who demand the FDC Contract standards on projects throughout the United States.

Furniture Lifting

Using a premier lift system, FDC Contract will come in after hours, lift your office furniture, install the carpet tile, and we will be gone and you won’t even know we were there. Each area or workstation will receive a card to inform them we are coming. A color coded plan will provide a schedule of the area being done that night. The client does not have stations to dismantle, furniture to move and does not lose two days of productivity. We come in at night and you are up and running the very next day.

Repair and Maintenance

Our crews work when you don’t. We will notify you of a repair date, arrive after hours and have you up and running the next day. You don’t have to move furniture or displace your workers.

Carpet Recycling and Reclamation

FDC Contract understands the various processes for reclaiming carpet products based on its economic and environmental impact and recommends the most effective and sustainable process for reclaiming material and diverting it from landfills. We seek the best options for diverting carpet waste from landfills including recycling, reuse, and donation. Every project has special circumstances and requirements, and recycling is just another area of expertise provided by FDC Contract.

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