We partnered with Helix to co-create an attractive, functional space that allows employees of this up-and-coming GovTech developer to not only focus but stay true to their roots.

PayIt lounge with view of city buildings. Two orange high-back lounge chairs, a tv, and L-shaped leather sofa, coffee table and industrial ceiling.

Kansas City, MO

Industry: Government Technology Solutions
Account Rep:
Stephanie Mann
Architect/Interior Designer:
Helix | Alissa Wehmueller
JE Dunn Construction
Thompson Photography

Following a 300% revenue jump and significant employee growth in 2019, PayIt had utilized every square inch of their space. Their new 23,000 square-foot headquarters would offer their employees plenty of room to grow in Class A office space with the amenities that their previous home lacked.

PayIt wanted their headquarters to reflect their innovative culture but still stay true to their roots as a “scrappy startup” in the GovTech industry. As they focused on the ability to scale up, they realized that their new office could also serve as a compelling recruitment tool to attract a diverse group of talent. They wanted the design to feel welcoming to all and not like a typical “tech office.” Rather, it could bring the comfort, seating variety, and atmosphere of alternate destinations people might choose to work in when outside the office, like a coffee shop.

In collaboration with Helix, we procured, delivered, and installed conference and ancillary furnishings for PayIt’s new workspace, which includes group meeting/collaborative spaces of varying sizes, individual focus rooms, and a large outdoor terrace—all identified as key priorities by PayIt employees. These individual spaces differ from their previous workplace, which consisted of an open floorplate with continuous acoustical challenges that hindered the ability to focus.

PayIt’s dynamic kitchen + work café includes a variety of seating options to allow workers to grab a meal, gather as a group, or work independently. The reception + coffee lounge evokes the ambiance of a coffee shop and includes both café and lounge seating to allow employees to socialize over a drink, work, or simply enjoy the seventh-floor view of Kansas City’s Power & Light District.

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“We found the perfect partner to execute our vision in John A. Marshall Co. Our modern, open-floor planned home is highly conducive for both individual and collective work, as well as for building our company culture. Collaborating with the design team was a true pleasure, as they lent their expertise while continually implementing our feedback to create a space where our team could flourish. With an immaculate kitchen and cafe area, a breathtaking patio with an unbeatable view of downtown Kansas City, and the comforts of a cross-functional work environment, we have enjoyed calling this new space home. Each and every PayIt visitor comments on the beauty of our World Headquarters and how they would love to work in such a place. We are indebted to John A. Marshall Co. for helping make our vision a reality!”
PayIt Jeffrey Ruane | Workplace Experience Manager

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