Dialectic Engineering

This modern, architectural space in Kansas City's Crossroads District includes plenty of eye-catching areas for this engineering company's employees to share ideas and collaborate.

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Kansas City, MO

Industry: Mechanical/Industrial Engineering
Account Rep:
Zack Donnelly
Interior Designer:
Erin Kitchens
Jennifer Bertrand and Lee Ann Bloss
Thompson Photography

Dialectic Engineering, a mechanical and industrial engineering firm, connected with John A. Marshall Co. in late 2020 regarding ergonomic seating for their employees. A year later, their team was experiencing tremendous growth and needed to expand to another floor within their current building. Dialectic Engineering collaborated with local interior designers, Jennifer Bertrand and Lee Ann Bloss, to bring their vision to life within their expansion. Jennifer and Lee Ann carried that vision throughout the space with benching workstations, private offices, and collaborative spaces, including an enticing café, lounge area, and training space.

Scope: The John A. Marshall Co. team provided furnishings, interior design consultation, along with delivery and installation services provided by our professional, in-house team. By collaborating with the designers to better understand our customer’s design and quality requirements, we were able to select furnishings to create a calm, inviting space to be enjoyed by all.

Featured Products: Herman Miller, SitOnIt, Source International, 9to5 Seating, National Office Furniture, Stylex, Framery

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