Health Facilities Group Architecture

Our Wichita team helped create this collaborative new office space to reunite our client’s employees in one cohesive space.

Healthcare Facilities Htoup Waiting Area Plus 2 Gallery

Wichita, KS

Industry: Architecture and Design

Account Rep: Laura Tuttle

Interior Designers: Jessica Voss

Architect/Designer: HFG | Susan Sanders and Megan Vaeth

Contractor: Commerce Construction

Photography: Commerce Construction

Goal: For nearly two decades, Health Facilities Group Architecture was located within a 100-year-old building, with groups of employees occupying spaces on three separate floors, which divided the staff. The company recently moved into a single-story facility and desired a space that would allow their newly consolidated team to interact together and foster productivity.

Scope: John A. Marshall Co. worked with designers from HFG to refresh existing systems furniture for both workstations and private offices, and also provided new ancillary furnishings for open areas and collaboration rooms.

Our team, which provided Herman Miller Ethospace Systems furniture to HFG more than 15 years ago, was tasked with using the existing Ethospace system and refreshing it without entirely replacing the client’s existing asset. We reconfigured the workstations and offices to incorporate height-adjustable surfaces and added gallery panels to the workstation exteriors for an updated look. We utilized the existing frames and reconfigured them to create a completely different layout that provided for a more open and collaborative workstation layout. We re-used most of the existing metal tiles and replaced others with new fabric tiles for a fresh appearance.

Healthcare Facilities Group Before Collage
Before: Ethospace Systems furniture used for both private office and workstations at the old office, prior to its reconfiguration.

We re-used the bases of existing conference room tables and replaced the tops, for an updated aesthetic. In addition, new seating was provided for all the meeting areas, and a collaborative table system was placed in each Huddle Room. New lounge seating and an occasional table were placed into HFG’s Work Café.

Finally, the firm’s Crit Space was outfitted with flexible lounge pieces that can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of groups, providing additional flexibility.

The HFG designers did a wonderful job with the selections they made for their new facility. While much of what was installed was existing product, everything looks brand new because of the refresh. This project is a great testimony to investing in a quality product that will last for decades and beyond.

All furnishings and casework were delivered and installed by John A. Marshall Co.’s in-house team utilizing our proprietary John Marshall Performance System.

Featured Products: Herman Miller, SitOnIt, HAT Collective, National Office Furniture, OFS, Andreu World

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