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  • A “Wild” Night at the Oklahoma City Zoo Provides Beds to Needy Kids

A “Wild” Night at the Oklahoma City Zoo Provides Beds to Needy Kids

This unique event allowed our team to use their creativity to design a mystical, themed dinner table.

OKC Design Appetit Group with Table Primary

We were a proud sponsor of Design Appetit, an event which raised funds to provide beds to children of families transitioning out of homelessness. Themed “An Evening in the Wild,” the event took place at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Teams created uniquely designed dining spaces to be paired with the talents of local chefs to create a multi-sensory dining experience. Patrons then purchased the tables and attended the special event on October 12, 2021.

Designers from our Oklahoma City team (Crista Blue, Kelly Davis, Cierra Wondra and Sherry Culpepper) created a table that evoked the feeling of an apothecary shop, an otherworldly setting of peculiar items. Per the team:

“The contrast between bright and obscure elements allows us to focus on individual pieces, while the balance between living objects and antiquities sparks curiosity and conversation. Tribal patterns interact with modern materials to finalize a scene reminiscent of a visit to a healer of another place and time. The meal itself will be woven into the elements, serving a similar ambition of joining the expected with the unexpected. A comforting and innovative meal will bring guests together as they navigate through this mystifying scene.”

This combination of oddities, paired with a meal by Chef Kevin Lee, worked to enhance the dining experience through a blend of the natural and the supernatural.

Funds raised from the event were used by Focus on Home, an organization which helps families transitioning out of homelessness better integrate into a healthy family lifestyle. The group works with the community to repurpose gently used furniture and housewares for their clients’ homes. This event’s mission: providing 50 new beds for 50 children in Oklahoma City without a bed of their own.

On the weekend after the event, 50 deserving children came to claim their new beds, then headed to the Oklahoma City Zoo for a fun-filled day with family, enjoying the animals, games, food, and trick or treating!

What a great cause for our team to support!

For more info about Focus on Home, please https://focusonhome.org.