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Five Reasons to Partner with Us in a COVID-19 World

Finding common-sense solutions that meet customer needs, are flexible for long-term utilization—and do not break the bank—should be key design goals when creating COVID-19-friendly workspaces. Here's what qualifies us for the job.

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Everyone has an opinion when it comes to COVID-19. While much is uncertain about this virus, we can all agree on two things. First: It is going to be a while before things return to the pre-pandemic state of “normal” we were accustomed to. Second: In order to earn the trust, respect, and productivity of our employees (and future ones), organizations might need to implement extra measures to ensure health and safety in the workplace. This includes utilizing the right materials, along with finding ways to physically distance employees from one another, without compromising the ability to collaborate or focus. Finding common-sense solutions that meet customer needs, are flexible for long-term utilization—and do not break the bank—should be key design goals.

Here are five reasons why John A. Marshall Co. would be a great partner when it comes to helping your employees return to work in a COVID-19 world, and beyond.

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The reception area of our Lenexa, KS, showroom.

Reason 1: Herman Miller Design Insights and Research

As a Herman Miller Certified Gold Dealer, we have access to 50 years of research on human-centered workplace issues. Regarding COVID-19, Herman Miller has been accumulating research-based insights from the CDC, NIOSH, WHO, OSHA, and other reputable groups, since the pandemic began. They have reviewed their recommendations and published a special report, “Embracing a New Reality,” to help guide design decisions.

In the report, Herman Miller shares what they have learned, along with short-term tactics and long-term strategies for the workplace. The report also provides design considerations for rethinking your workplace design to support employee well-being, as well as thought starter application ideas for physical distancing.

Reason 2: Our Talented Design Staff

Our talented design team has more than 150 years of combined industry experience, bringing key insights into your workplace from day one. From your first meeting to the completion of your installation, your designer will be your advocate in providing insight, application expertise, and inspiring solutions that achieve your space goals, design aesthetic, desired budget, and more.

In addition to providing great service, our team is constantly learning and keeping abreast of industry trends. They participate in hours of Herman Miller and external training, share best practices with one another, and attend industry events. Some even serve in key positions on industry boards. During the pandemic, while our team was working remotely, they virtually attended numerous workshops focused on COVID-19 insights to keep safety and wellbeing top of mind.

At John A. Marshall Co, we also specialize in healthcare design. Our experienced team can implement proven application principles that apply to healthcare environments and apply them to our commercial settings, as well. This includes selecting materials and finishes that provide optimum cleanability and durability while achieving stringent infection control standards.

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An interior designer works on a project for a customer.

Reason 3: Our Best-In-Class Practices

John A. Marshall Co. self-performs on all critical capabilities, including installation, so that we can control our commitments, guarantee our results, and deliver on our promises. Our local installation crews are unique in that they are employees of John A. Marshall Co. and are trained to take care of our customers. Our field superintendents have been with our company for over 20 years and are highly experienced in the furnishings, flooring, architectural walls, and carpentry work. Our Oklahoma-based locations have exclusive relationships with preferred, third-party installation companies who safely and efficiently deliver on our commitments to our customers by applying our customer-first mentality.

From the beginning of the pandemic, our in-house installation team has been practicing social distancing and proper safety procedures, whenever possible. For additional protection, team members wear masks and eye protection and follow safe hygiene practices. At the end of each shift, our crews sanitize hard surfaces of the furniture they’ve come in contact with, using an EPA certified, hospital-grade disinfectant.

To ensure that we provide an exceptional customer experience, we have focused our continuous improvement efforts on lean methodologies. We’ve branded our approach to quality improvement as JMPS or the John Marshall Performance System and applied the learnings from Herman Miller’s Performance System (HMPS), which is highly admired within the manufacturing industry. By taking a lean approach across the entire value stream, we have made significant improvements to our customers’ experience, including the ordering, delivery, and installation processes. We have applied JMPS elements throughout our organization and processes, from project planning to product specification to installation and punch resolution. Projects are set up for seamless execution, with the least amount of waste and cost for everyone. Our continuous improvement program has led us to constantly look for ways to better meet customer needs and solve the inevitable problems that emerge along the way. Our JMPS Program is a key factor in our annual honor as a top-performing Certified Herman Miller Dealership.

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An installer transports product between the truck and job site.

Reason 4: Intelligent Kit of Parts

Herman Miller offers a wide range of flexibility with its Canvas Office Landscape family of products. Each Canvas product line has its own kit of parts, which provides multiple layout and configuration options. When seeking a sensible solution to meet your changing needs, the Canvas family makes sense. Use Canvas to help promote physical distancing now, then modify your layout to incorporate additional employees down the road, once the spread of COVID-19 is more under control. Its ability to adapt to changing needs helps keep reconfiguration costs to a minimum.

Canvas Vista
Herman Miller's Canvas Vista product line.

Reason 5: Our Strong Vendor Relationships

In addition to our extensive product portfolio of high-quality products from Herman Miller and their family of distinct brands, we have strong, long-standing partnerships with more than 100 top industry manufacturers and representatives. This provides us with a wide range of leading office and healthcare furnishings and flooring products, along with their expertise and application knowledge. Our extensive network of preferred partners allows us to source a variety of solutions to help prepare the workplace for your company’s return to work, and beyond. This could include mounted or freestanding screens, sanitizing stations, wayfinding signage, isolation/focus booths, and more, all at reasonable prices, based upon our buying power and industry relationships.

Nearly 100 years of success in knowing our clients and understanding their needs, along with the five reasons above, make John A. Marshall Co. the ideal partner in helping strengthen your company’s presence in today’s “New Normal,” and beyond.

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