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  • John A. Marshall Co. Launches Work from Home Program

John A. Marshall Co. Launches Work from Home Program

In concert with industry findings showing employees' desire for flexibility, a once-a-week Work From Home option has been announced, paired with ergonomic support.

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Starting the week of July 12th, John A. Marshall Co. instituted a new Work from Home program, allowing employees whose jobs allow them to work from home to do so one day per week.

“Our culture is extremely important to us, which is why we love having everyone in the office,” stated Mark Sneed (President). “However, we know that working from home is a benefit most of our people are looking for. I’m excited to see how this hybrid situation impacts our organization and makes us an even better place to work.”

To allow employees to work as efficiently as possible from home, employees were provided with a keyboard and large monitor and are allowed to take their current ergonomic task chair home with them. New task chairs in the showroom will accommodate them when they work in the office.

“During a survey we conducted with customers and partners, half of our respondents indicated a desire to work from home one to two days per week," said Stephen Marshall (Partner). “We know that workers crave flexibility and a better work-life balance, and many thrived during lockdown because they were able to achieve it. We also know these feelings resonate with our own employees. Therefore, we hope it provides them with more of what they need.”

After just three weeks, employees are already providing positive feedback:

“As a full-time working mom, I’m really enjoying the ability to schedule my Work from Home day to coincide with no childcare days, doctor appointments, or days when I just need to focus solely on a project,” said Lenexa Marketing Specialist, Amber Battle. “That flexibility allows me to do what I need to do to better manage my career, and my family.”

“For me, it’s a perk to work from home on days that I don’t have outside meetings scheduled,” said Wichita Account Manager, Laura Tuttle. “I can use the time it normally takes to get ready to go into the office in the morning to get started working earlier. It also provides less distractions, which is helpful when I need to focus on a task, such as putting in orders.”

“I choose to work from home on Mondays, which allows me to focus on my to-do list and get a strong start to my week. It’s nice to avoid traffic and gain some extra time, which reduces stress,” said Oklahoma City Interior Designer, Kelly Davis. “Another perk is that I get to spend more time around my family. Something as simple as listening to them go about their day while I work has been valuable to me.”

As time goes by, more and more employees should have the opportunity to take advantage of the program and we hope it will become a benefit that both attracts and retains employees within our service areas.