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  • 4 Ways the Office Will Likely Evolve Post-Pandemic

4 Ways the Office Will Likely Evolve Post-Pandemic

Proprietary survey findings confirm key perceptions regarding the future of the office.

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There have been many hypotheses about what the future of work, particularly the office itself, will look like post-pandemic. After numerous reports and recommendations from national publications and industry organizations, we set out to discover what our own customers and A+D partners were experiencing within our region (Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa metropolitan areas).

In April 2021, we developed and launched an online survey to help define current work situations, the pros and cons of those arrangements, employee wants and needs, key motivators, specific concerns regarding safety, future work arrangements, and more.

Our Participants:

Overall, we had a good mix of survey participants representing various affiliations, locations, work tenure, and generational classifications (see charts on page 5). We also had a fairly even breakdown of responses from those in management (47%) and non-executive (53%) positions, which gave us a good variety of perspectives.

81% of all survey respondents indicated that their offices were currently open, with almost 48% of respondents working from said office and 34% following a hybrid plan. Almost 19% of respondents were working exclusively from home.

For those whose offices were not currently open, only 64% could verify when their offices would be reopening.

Ready for the results?

Read our top findings from the survey and how they will all apply to workplace design post-pandemic.

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