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Framery Pods Provide Relief from Stress and Distraction

Framery Acoustics has created an echo-free pod that provides quiet, focus-friendly spaces within your office that are ideal for multiple uses.

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Working within an open-concept office can be challenging. While this type of floorplan is more conducive to helping teams collaborate, it can also serve as a stress-inducing distraction to some, affecting productivity. According to a study by the University of California Irvine, “it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task [once distracted].” Providing employees with designated quiet areas for heads-down work—or to use as an alternate meeting space—is key to minimizing workplace distraction, while ultimately increasing job satisfaction.

Herman Miller alliance partner, Framery Acoustics, has transformed the original phone booth design into an echo-free pod that can easily be placed anywhere throughout your office. These pods are ideal for employees who need space to focus, make important calls, conduct team meetings, have confidential conversations, or hold a video conference.

Here are a few features that show why Framery pods are a great fit for your office space:

  • Multiple size/configuration options to accommodate 1-6 employees
  • High-quality materials and an echo-free design
  • Extensive color and upholstery options to complement your company branding
  • Named one of Architectural Record’s “2019 Product of the Year” winners in the acoustical products category
  • Equipped with LED lighting and an air circulation system, which automatically kick on when entered
  • Integrated power sockets for computers and phones
  • Easy installation

Framery’s research suggests that “41% of all breaks taken in a quiet, distraction-free area result in reduced stress levels, moments of relaxation, and improved wellbeing.” This helps foster happy and more productive employees.

Not convinced? Check out Framery’s blog post, “Stress in the Workplace Has a Price Tag,” then speak to your John A. Marshall Co. sales representative about how to integrate this highly-recommended product into your office.

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