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More Reasons to Love Framery Smart Pods: A Better Placeand Way—to Work

Framery smart pods have been designed to improve every part of your workday—from effortlessly locating and reserving pods to maximizing productivity throughout your day. Like the Framery pods before them, they are a blend of style, functionality, and sustainability—all enhanced by new technology.

The new smart pods build on the huge success of Framery One—one of the world's first pods optimized for video calls launched in 2021—but take a generational step up with patent-pending technology, flexibility, and sustainable engineering. Enhancing the user experience and reducing workplace frustrations are the driving force behind these innovations.

Framery Workplace Technology

Framery’s exciting workplace technology suite streamlines workdays, elevates productivity, and enhances the entire office for a better workplace experience. These new tools allow you to reserve meeting spaces on the go, access real-time occupancy data, facilitate data-driven decisions, and beyond. And you can enjoy these benefits without any deployment costs.

  • Framery App™
    Make every pod and space in your office easy to find and book
  • Framery Office Sound Masking System™
    Reduce speech intelligibility and noise distractions outside of the pods
  • Framery Connect™
    Make workplace management decisions based on data
  • Framery Connect Sensor™
    Collect usage data from anywhere in your workplace

Experience Framery smart pods for yourself

Meet some of these new Framery smart pods in our showrooms to see how this next generation of smart spaces can transform your entire office—and improve the way work gets done. With minimal lead times and maximum availability, it's easy to elevate your workplace with these beautiful new smart pods from Framery.

Framery One Compact design web

Framery One Compact™

Framery One Compact is a smart, spacious, one-person workstation designed for phone and video calls. This state-of-the-art soundproof office pod is packed with technology, featuring world-class sound insulation, echo-free acoustics, adaptive ventilation, and automated lighting—so you can focus on your calls and connect online with people anywhere.

Framery One design web

Framery One™

Framery One is a smart, spacious, one-person workstation designed for video calls and focus work. Contemporary design and advanced technology characterize every detail of this comfortable and versatile workspace. This soundproof office pod features world-class sound insulation, industry-leading ventilation, and echo-free acoustics—so you can focus on your work and connect online with people anywhere.

Framery Four design web

Framery Four™

Framery Four is a smart and soundproof meeting pod for up to 4 people, designed for modern teams and hybrid work. This multifunctional meeting space is engineered for face-to-face and virtual meetings from the office. Fine-tuned acoustics, adaptive ventilation, and automated lighting make Framery Four the best place in the office to get things done together.

Framery Six design web

Framery Six™

Framery Six is a smart and soundproof meeting room for up to 6 people designed for modern teams and optimized for hybrid work. This multifunctional, soundproof meeting space is tailored for virtual collaboration and hybrid brainstorming sessions. Fine-tuned acoustics, adaptive ventilation, and optimized lighting modes make Framery Six the best place in the office to collaborate and get things done.

Framery Six office web
Coming Soon: An optional gathering zone outside of Framery Six creates an additional meeting area with matching carpet and a convenient add-on rail where a whiteboard or display can be attached.

About Framery

Framery is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of soundproof private spaces and pods that enable and reinforce happiness in workplaces. Framery was founded in 2010, and its innovative products solve for noise and privacy issues in offices.

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