Southwestern College

Projects Southwestern College Primary

Winfield, KS

Industry: Education
Design Firm: Gordon and Associates
Photography: John A. Marshall Co.
Customer Since: 2017

Goal: Our Wichita office had the pleasure of partnering with Southwestern College and Gordon and Associates on designing a coffee shop within the campus' library. The college sought out John A. Marshall Co. to assist with creating a fun and harmonious atmosphere where students could gather to study or grab a quick cup of caffeine on the go. The result: unique ancillary furniture pieces that formed circular shapes for students to gather around tables for conversation and study sessions.

Scope: The scope of this project was to create a coffee shop within the library on campus that provided a place for students to go to. The hope was to offer a place that students could turn to, not only for their caffeinated beverages but also for studying and building relationships with other students and to help students save time on going to off-campus establishments.

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