Skyline E3

Lenexa, KS

Industry: Marketing
Design Firm: John A. Marshall Co.
Photography: Thompson Photography
Customer Since: 2016

Goal: Skyline E3 is a full-service marketing experiences firm who strives to provide their clients with remarkable results. We were honored to partner with Skyline E3 to create a new and remarkable office space for them that would enhance the experience of their own clients. John A. Marshall Co. was tasked with the mission of providing furniture that would meet the needs of their employees, while complimenting the design of the new location. The end result was a vibrant, creative, and collaborative work environment.

Scope: For this location, we provided spacial planning, as well as selected all of the furniture and finishes for the space's private offices, workstations, and ancillary products.

Products: Herman Miller, Geiger, National, SitOnIt, Source International, and more.