Savion, LLC

As a renewable energy company, Savion was seeking to provide their employees with collaborative settings and ergonomic solutions to promote a healthy workplace for their new Kansas City headquarters.

Kansas City, MO

Industry: Renewable Energy/Environmental
Account Rep:
Zack Donnelly
Interior Designer:
Erin Kitchens
Design Firm:
Clockwork Architecture
Thompson Photography
Customer Since:

Goal:Savion, LLC, a renewable energy company, engaged the John A. Marshall Co. team to provide furnishings for their new headquarters, located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The team was asked to create a purposeful design with a variety of settings to engage employees and foster collaboration, ensuring that the latest technology could be accommodated. In addition, ergonomic solutions were requested to help maintain a healthy work environment.

Scope: The project encompassed all three floors of the building, from private offices to public gathering spaces, a training/conference center and several collaboration rooms, to a mezzanine-based café/dining/work area. Throughout these spaces, the team was mindful of the finishes used in order to properly brand the Savion facility and create a workspace that all could be proud of.

Featured Products: Herman Miller, Naughtone, National Office Furniture, OFS Brands, Andreu World, Stylex, Interface, Shaw, and Nucraft