Saint Luke's Neuroscience Institute

Our team had the pleasure of furnishing this seven-story building to create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere for patients, their families, and staff.

Projects St Lukes Neuro Primary

Kansas City, MO

Industry: Healthcare
Design Firm: ACI Boland
Photography: ACI Boland
Customer Since: 1997

Goal: We have had the pleasure of working with Saint Luke's for the last 20 years and were honored to be a part of the Neuroscience Institute project. For this particular project, we were responsible for providing the ancillary furniture for the main lobby areas, as well as the remaining furniture items needed within this seven-story building. The goal for this project was to select furniture pieces that would complement the space, create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere, and ultimately support patient care.

Scope: Originally built for Mid Americare Heart Institute, Saint Luke's decided to transition this building for their Neuroscience Institute. The building was renovated for new public, patient, clinical, and work areas that support Neuroscience. John A. Marshall Co. provided the furniture for all areas of the seven-story building.

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