Merck Animal Health - Project Optimus 1

In the middle of the pandemic, our team helped create a welcoming, engaging space for our client's employees to work, collaborate, learn, and thrive.

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Lenexa, KS

Industry: Animal Health
Account Rep: Stephanie Mann
Interior Designer: Audrey Titus
Architect/Designer: Jackson Main Architecture, P.S.
Contractor: Turner Construction
Photography: Thompson Photography
Client since: 2006

Goal: Merck Animal Health was initially working with Jackson Main Architecture to design a new facility on their DeSoto campus for the Commercial Operations Group. After several iterations of building designs, the real estate team found space for lease in the CoreFirst Bank & Trust building in Lenexa, KS. This had Jackson Main and John A Marshall Co. switching gears for a fast-track design process. Together, we worked through solutions tailored to each department that would occupy the new space, while integrating Merck’s new Global Occupancy Planning guidelines. The design process began in the middle of the pandemic, which required many Zoom review meetings and presentations. The goal of everyone involved was to create a welcoming and engaging space for both employees and clients during the pandemic, and beyond. In addition, integrating technology to promote learning and collaboration was important to our client. Providing areas to facilitate both formal and informal interaction, as well as quiet areas for phone calls and private conversations, was needed. To achieve this, there had to be thoughtfulness and intention in both the design of the space, as well as the furniture selected.

The John A Marshall Co. team assisted in the design process in close collaboration with Jackson Main Architecture and Merck Animal Health. We provided and installed all furniture and utilized our JMPS installation process, which allowed us to pre-assemble and kit most product in our Lenexa warehouse. This enabled us to coordinate deliveries with the Turner Construction team and reduce our time on site, while working around multiple trades and unexpected delays due to the pandemic and its impact on building materials, lead times, etc.

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