K-State Olathe Innovation Campus

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Olathe, KS

Industry: Education
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Stephen Marshall | John A. Marshall Co.   
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Goal: We were extremely honored to be chosen to work on the K-State Olathe Innovation Campus (KOIC) project. The purpose of this project was to bring people together by way of expanding the campus, providing increased educational opportunities, and boosting economic growth within the area.

K-State has been a long-time leader in animal health and food safety research, and this new innovation campus would provide a much-needed bridge connecting education directly with global industry in the animal health corridor. We were proud to be apart of this innovative, educational project!

The vision of this project was to create a supportive environment where grad students and faculty work side-by-side with scientists and health professionals. The finished project: classrooms, laboratories, and public/meeting spaces that provided a sense of collaboration and produced results. 

Scope: For the new KOIC building, we provided the flooring and the furnishings for: private offices, open area workstations, both small and large conference/meeting spaces, collaborative areas, training/classroom settings, and cafe, lobby, reception, and outdoor areas.    

Products: Herman Miller, Geiger, Nemschoff, Keilhauer, Krug, TablEx, Davis, Bretford, Ideon, and more.