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Johnsonite's mission is to integrate design and life-safety into flooring and stairwell solutions. 

As the leader in the specialty flooring industry, Johnsonite is showing clients how integrating design with life-safety can enhance employee productivity and help companies attract, motivate, and retain the best talent. Johnsonite has redesigned their company to provide their customers with customized flooring solutions that help them meet their business objectives. They strive to help their customers redefine interior environments so they become investments in human capital, rather than simply operating expenses. 

This integrated approach to interior space may not be what you expect from a flooring company. But they're used to doing things differently. Innovation is in their company's DNA and has been for over 100 years. In 1920 their predecessor company, in an effort to address their customer's concerns, developed the first integrated steel pail with rubber gaskets. This new pail, which replaced the wooden pail, provided environmental benefits by reducing the need for timber and preventing leakage of toxic materials in the coatings industry. Responding to customers has always been at the core of their business, a century ago and today. 

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