Artome M10

Artome M10 is the New, Revolutionary Plug and Play Projector

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Discover M10's technical features that make it unique, and learn more about it from the product's designer.

Finland’s Artome Ltd. is redesigning audiovisual and working with John A. Marshall Co. for the North American launch of its unique new product, the Artome 10. This easy-to-use, portable, plug and play smart furniture is an ideal solution for presenting, connecting, learning, and more.

The unit displays up to a 150” image with an Epson ultra-short throw laser projector, produces pure sound through an embedded sound system and enables local presentation and easy videoconferencing with an integrated camera and microphone. This all-in-one solution can be connected to a device wirelessly or with an HDMI cable.

Artome M10 is installation- and cable-free and the reason why you shouldn’t settle for anything less. This efficient and effortless audiovisual option doesn’t limit your presentation and hybrid technology capabilities to a single room. Its portability makes it possible to use audiovisual technology everywhere – all you need is a power plug and a light-colored wall or screen to use as a reflection surface.

The Artome M10 combines Nordic design and technology. Its frame, constructed of birch plywood, has three possible surface finishes, and the upholstered door comes in a variety of colors, allowing it to blend with, or purposely stand out from, its surroundings.

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A Few Ideal Settings and Applications for the Artome M10

M10 Office Lifestyle video conferencing
The workplace - Great for videoconferences, presentations, seminars and more
Artome M10 Education setting
Schools and universities - A great way to connect students, professors and guest speakers
Artome M10 Office afterwork wellnes
Wellness rooms - Bring sounds and images of nature into your settings to promote harmony and tranquility
Artome M10 colors 2240px X 1680px
A sampling of the M10's many available colors and finishes
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