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  • John A. Marshall Co. Partners with Fräsch!

John A. Marshall Co. Partners with Fräsch!

The Perfect Combination for a Beautiful (and Quiet) Workspace

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John A. Marshall Co. is pleased to announce a new business partnership with Fräsch, an innovator in designs for quieter workplaces.

Fräsch specializes in acoustical solutions that are as innovative as they are functional. Their award-winning, design centric products, formed with eco-friendly PET felt, are beautiful and highly practical. They reduce unwanted reverberation with sound-dampening products for walls, ceilings, and lighting. These stunning products marry creative design with functional sensibility.

“We are in the business of bringing our clients’ spaces to life,” said Jeff Frederes, Vice President of Sales for John A. Marshall Co. “Fräsch transforms spaces with elevated acoustical solutions. Their offering is a natural fit for our customers, with thoughtfully designed products that enhance work environments, as well as healthcare and educational spaces.”

John A. Marshall Co. is currently in the process of modifying their Lenexa showroom to incorporate several Fräsch product solutions to alleviate unwanted noise in key areas.

“We’ve designed our office to function as a high-performance environment that enhances our employee experience and overall productivity,” said Jeff. “We’ve included a wide variety of products to give clients a first-hand look of how they might work within their own workspaces. Adding Fräsch to the mix makes sense for multiple reasons. One, it reduces noise levels in our work and gathering spaces, and two, it serves as a visual element that draws customers to it and starts the conversation around how we can help solve their acoustic issues.”

Give your space the silent treatment with award-winning acoustic designs and John A. Marshall Co.’s high-quality furnishings.

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