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Sit-to-Stand Tables: A Healthier Way to Work, for Any Budget

No matter your budget, there is a Sit-to-Stand Table option that's perfect for you.

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Whether you work in the office or from home, a height-adjustable table is a great asset in your office set-up. The ability to work between a sitting and standing position, at the touch of a button, provides flexibility, making you more comfortable and productive.

People were not designed to remain sedentary and in one position—our bodies were made to move regularly. Sit-to-stand tables, rather than stationary desks, help people put an emphasis on healthy habits in the workspace while making it easier to change positions throughout the day.

No matter your budget, there is a Sit-to-Stand Table option that’s perfect for you:

Good: Nevi Tables

Nevi is Herman Miller’s best-value table that focuses on the essentials of height-adjustability. It is for the customer who is looking for a table that will just allow them to sit or stand. The table has limited features that aren’t as refined as other options—at a lower cost. It features legs that are attached to the work surface, flat, stamped-metal feet, and attachment/control mechanisms with exposed hardware. It does not offer built-in cable management. Herman Miller’s service and support are included.

Better: Motia Tables

Motia tables offer a wider variety of shapes, sizes, and capabilities, taking Nevi’s “essentials” to the next level. It features a strong, durable, and stable leg and with a stronger warranty. It offers a clean and concise aesthetic, with legs that are smooth and flat, and feet with rounded corners. While it does not have any standard cable management options, like the Nevi, it does have flat metal attachments and covered hardware, giving it a cleaner look.

Best: Renew Tables

Renew (pictured above) is Herman Miller’s premium, height-adjustable table, described as “beautiful, intuitive, fluid and strong.” This is their “best-of-the-best” solution. It features integrated cable management, with under-surface tray choices that completely conceal your cords and integrate with the table. It has an intuitive paddle, strong leg castings, a finished foot, and a design that is just as fluid and beautiful as its up-and-down movements. What’s more, it’s built to last, crafted with the best quality and care, and touts the best warranty (12-year, 3 shift).

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