The Chair for You

The Herman Miller Cosm seating line is now orderable.

Cosms Low Mid High
Cosm Canyon Woman Seated

Forget about GRAVITY

Cosm's breakthrough components instantly respond to your body, movement and posture to provide natural balance and total support, giving you a new experience of comfort . . . anywhere you work.

Cosms All Heights Turns

The chair for EVERYONE

Three non-prescriptive back heights

  • The high back fits like a glove while providing upper-thoracic support.
  • The mid back provides scapular support & easily adapts to any setting.
  • The low back, with its wrap top, facilitates casual movement and lets people comfortably sit sideways with their arm draped over the top of the chair.
Cosm Glacier Side View

Dipped in COLOR

As sight lines in the office are increasing and walls are coming down, everything that used to be hiddlen in cubes is now visible. This means that products and environmnets across the floorplate need to work in harmony. Dipped in color simplifies and dematerializes the chair. It takes a product and turns it into a sculptural element.

  • Canyon is the perfect intersection between red & orange. A color that can stand out and compliment urban orange.
  • Nightfall is a deep and saturated navy that cal be a color or a neutral.
  • Glacier is a beautiful blending between blue and green. A standout when paired with lights or neutrals, but a neutral when combined with other vibrant colors.

Also available in Studio White, Carbon and Graphite. Mix and match finishes gives designers control and new options on how to play with color.