Vermillion Incorporated

Functional and vibrant, this engineering firm's workplace was carefully designed to promote collaboration and efficiency between all departments.

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Wichita, KS

Aerospace and Defense
Account Rep:
Jordan Rodriguez
Interior Designer:
Jessica Voss
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Vermillion, a leader in custom cable solutions for the military and aerospace industries, had a space that was originally designed with ample room to grow. Ready to update their work environment and expand their team, Vermillion looked to John A. Marshall Co. for assistance. The overall goal of the project was to create a fluid, functioning, floor plan that allowed their different teams to work like a ‘well-oiled’ machine—much like the process they follow when manufacturing products for their own clients.

Thus began the detailed, in-depth process to discover the true needs of Vermillion’s departments, from Sales to Design, Engineering, HR, Marketing, IT, etc. The process started with a walk-through of the space with top management, then worked through numerous space planning exercises and various bubble diagrams to better assess department needs. In the end, we were able to design a functioning floor plan for all, while taking into consideration each group’s requirements for privacy, interaction, station size, accommodations, etc.

To complement the company’s bold color scheme, we opted for workstations and desks comprised of black metal structure with glass components, warm teak work surfaces and white accents throughout. This included all collaborative areas for teams, as well.

We included large plants and greenery in our renderings to keep the space feeling fresh and open, and much to our delight, were greeted with tons of live plants and arrangements throughout the space upon our final walk-through. This biophilic touch accented the dark flooring beautifully and provided some aesthetic contrast, while also bringing the outside in.

You almost feel a sense of electricity when standing inside Vermillion’s newly transformed space. It’s vibrant, energetic, and ‘techy’ all at the same time. We have a feeling anyone who visits will be energized to be there.

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