EuroChem North America

Our team provided our new Tulsa-based client with cohesive design assistance and high-quality furnishing solutions for their newly renovated office building.

Eurochem 1 Primary

Tulsa, OK

Industry: Commodities
Account Rep:
Stephanie Pugh
Design Firm: W Design
Ben Chau
Customer since:

In 2019, EuroChem North America purchased and completely renovated an existing building to serve as one of their U.S. offices. The two-story building consisted of multiple open-office workstation applications, private offices, formal and informal meeting spaces, and breakrooms. Our goal was to specify high-quality furniture solutions that would be functional for their day-to-day workflow. With many communal spaces and a mix of stationed and transient employees, it was important to keep the furniture cohesive in design, but flexible in mobility.

Scope: The John A. Marshall Co. team provided furnishings and design assistance on this project in close collaboration with W Design and CBC Builds. Throughout the facility, we were able to provide cohesive furnishings to create a modern, sophisticated look.

Understanding EuroChem’s furniture standards was key to the success of the project. As a result, we were able meet our client’s budget, quality requirements, and functionality goals.

Featured Products: Herman Miller (including Canvas Wall, Canvas Vista, Burdick Tables, Eames Molded Plastic Chairs, Verus Chairs, and Everywhere Tables) and 9to5 Seating

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