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Maximize Your Office Space Plan Using Demountable Walls

Discover the benefits of architectural wall systems, such as Muraflex, which revitalize workspaces and make them more functional.

Demountable Walls Primary

Adding demountable walls to your open office floorplan is a unique solution for increasing useable space. Whether you require a large, dedicated space for group meetings, or smaller, private rooms for focused work, these wall systems can revitalize your office and make it more functional for employees. They can be relocated or reinstalled in a different location, should your space requirements change….which adds to the versatility of these unique products.

There are several benefits to using demountable, architectural walls, which:

  • allow additional, natural daylight into your space compared to drywall partitions, promoting employee wellbeing
  • can be installed quickly, post-construction
  • offer sound isolation within a space with double glazed walls
  • help maintain physical distancing during COVID-19
  • provide a faster return on investment and depreciation, compared to traditional construction methods
  • may be redeployed in different areas of your space, using the same product
  • give your workspace a more modern aesthetic, helping retain and onboard new employees
  • can be customized with decorative film to reflect your company’s brand or culture

John A. Marshall Co., together with architectural products partner, Facility Systems, Inc. (FSI), can provide you with the expertise of designing and building these custom solutions to meet your needs. For more information, contact your JAMCO account representative.

Photo Credits: Muraflex and Facility Systems, Inc.

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