Our New Brand Identity

To be a design-forward and creative company, John A. Marshall Co. needed to do more than talk the talk. As a result, we revamped both our verbal and visual branding.

Logo on black AB 3

As professionals in the design industry, we understand the value of high-quality branding and the importance of staying up-to-date on trending industry evolutions. We also realized to be a design-forward and creative company, we needed to do more than talk the talk. This led us to revamp both our verbal and visual branding.

Our new motto is straight forward: “Bring your space to life.” Our desire is to partner with companies that seek to transform their workplaces into high-performing environments that boost productivity and strengthen their workforce. We believe a workspace has the power to build a business and we have built a vast portfolio of products and services to do just that.

We believe our new logo is an evolution of our past look. By adding the J to our iconic M, with the hidden A in the negative space, we’ve created a more design-centric brand that is visually intriguing. Bold and bright, our new logo embodies our partnership with Herman Miller, as well as stands on its own, just like we, at the John A. Marshall Co., proudly stand apart.

Nearly 100 years of success comes from knowing our clients and understanding their needs. As a nationally-acclaimed Herman Miller Certified Dealer, we combine expertise, time-tested processes, and world-class customer care to optimize results that help businesses thrive. We would love the opportunity to build on our working relationship with you and provide the outcomes you are seeking for your future projects.

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