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The 8 Chairs You Need to Know

Every Herman Miller chair begins with you in mind.

January 21, 2019

Herman Miller doesn't set out to design chairs that are deserving of museum collection; instead, they set out to provide every individual with a great place to think, to create, and to share. Their goal is for you to sit well, so you can do more.

Always evolving – every Herman Miller chair simultaneously benefits from and adds to their growing body of knowledge about the design and performance of chairs – leading to groundbreaking results. Learn more about the 8 chairs you need to know!


The Aeron chair is the most recognized and admired task chair in the world, offering revolutionary ergonomic support for the widest range of shapes and sizes. Aeron offers suspension seating with full ergonomic support and an iconic design that compliments any workspace. Adjustable, individual pads support the spine to mimic a healthy standing position and prompt the posture that keeps you strong while you sit.


A chair so intelligent, sitting in it helps you think. The Embody chair offers the most comprehensive and personalized ergonomic support available by distributing your weight evenly while supporting your body’s micro-movements. By reducing seated pressure and encouraging freedom of movement, Embody allows blood and oxygen to flow more freely, which helps keep you focused.


Instant comfort – anywhere. When you sit in Cosm, you just might forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. Its sophisticated ergonomic design sets a new bar for instant, personalized comfort, no matter who sat in the chair before you, how long you’ll be in it, or what you’ll be doing. The revolutionary Auto-Harmonic Tilt puts the person first and responds to them, no matter the posture – for total support.

Mirra 2

Lean, light, and as responsive as your own shadow. When you sit, the seat and back adapts to you instantly, supporting even your slightest movements. Two back options help Mirra 2 work for a variety of people and applications, both offering sacral support to keep your spine properly aligned. And both are ventilated to prevent heat buildup while you work, no matter how much you move throughout the day.


The durable construction of the Celle chair makes it ideal for work environments where chairs are shared around the clock. The aerated back prevents heat buildup as you sit and offers a larger seat, providing you with extra room. Its dependable, hardworking design fits you like a glove, and Celle’s patented Cellular Suspension system conforms to your unique shape, supporting your spine while giving you freedom to move.


The Sayl chair uses fewer parts, less material, and still everything a good chair should be. Its intelligent back lets you stretch and move, striking a healthy balance between support and freedom. The simple materials provide better support along the spine where you need it most, and less everywhere else, so you are free to move. With a visually striking aesthetic, and plenty of options to personalize the chair, the Sayl is a stylish option for any environment.


Connecting comfort and value, the Lino chair brings a wide range of aesthetic options for your workplace or home. A contoured seat works together with its Duo suspension, to give you total spinal support. With the creators’ design expertise and Herman Miller’s ergonomic expertise, Lino offers high-performance at an exceptional value, so everyone can enjoy good design and comfort while they work.


The Verus chair offers great comfort and ergonomic support at an attainable price. Verus redefines what an affordable work chair should be and offers long- and short-term comfort for body types of all shapes and sizes. With a quiet aesthetic, the Verus chair lends itself to nearly any workplace design.

Herman Miller’s human-centered approach to design begins with a simple philosophy: When you feel better, you work better. This simple step, by putting people at the center of every Herman Miller chair design, has allowed them to help millions of individuals around the world to thrive at work each day.

So, which chair will you thrive in?